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How to start to play

So if you read the previous section or someone in the chat told you the basic information, you might feel like: "Cool but what now", that's what I want to cover in this section.

I really do recommend reading the Interfacesection first, as this will probably contain terms that would otherwise confuse you.

I already told you that you can use the Shadow Clones you create to do all this fancy stuff that I will cover here.

The first thing you should do is go to the Train section, add some of your clones to each Skills and Physical training. Do that with clicking on the plus (+) sign. How many clones you will add depends on the amount you set it too, that you can do with the buttons above the whole thing. You can either do a specific number, go in magnitudes of 10 or you can just add as many clones as possible (max). Clicking on the minus sign will then again remove clones in the same way, though clicking on cap will simply add as many clones as you need to blackbar it (see interface on how that works)

This will slowly build up some Physical and Mystic for you, which will increase attack defense HP and hp regeneration. Once you have about 250 clones that you can freely use and more than 20000 physical you can send these clones to purify the kingdom with killing a devilsent slime! This will give you Battle/s and thus increase your attack further. But what is your goal? What do you need these Stats for? You need these Stats to kick some Gods. These can be considered as bosses and you will actually fight them yourself, no clones involved whatsoever. Hovering over a god will tell you his HP, attack, defense and the frequency of him critting. The powerlevel doesn't really matter.

Try to get a good chunk higher stats than Hyperion, the first god, has before you attack him. And yes, that will take some time, try figuring out some thing while doing so. Bored? You shouldn't afterall it's called "Idling to rule the Gods" for a reason.

After a few hours or days, depending on your activity, you should be able to take on hyperion with ease. After doing so you should check the Rebirth Tab on the left side above the picture of your glorious hero/-ine.


Rebirthing in this game is the Ascension in Clicker Heroes, the Abdication in Realm grinder or the

Angel Investor claim in Adventure Capitlist, it will reset your game to the start, sounds horrible right? But no it isn't horrible because you will get a multiplier that will further boost your stats by a significant amount, but when and how to rebirth?

In the early game (everything pre baal) you should aim for killing atleast one god every Rebirth, this will increase the so called "God Multiplier" by a magnitude of 2 and thus also the Stat Multiplier (which you don't need to worry about) so over all a magnitude of 4 per god. Rebirthing is "save" when all numbers are green, but just having them green is not what you aim for. You should atleast get about 6x your previous multiplicators. E.g If you Battle multi was 10; 60 is what you should aim for atleast. You got 6000 now? No issue, just make sure that all are atleast multiplied by 6, the more the better.


But before you rebirth, make sure to kill all of your clones!

Why? Because you don't want to stick around with those 1000 clones of yours, you want MORE. Each 20 Clones you create will increase your clone count by 1. Each 20 Clones you kill will increase your clone count by 1. So having 1000 clones created, and killing 1000 clones afterwards. will boost your clone count to 1100. Not much but a start and most of the time you will create a few more than these 1000 and kill a few more than these 1000, the more the better.

Always remember to butcher your clones fellas!

I killed a new god but my multies aren't green yet? Well multies don't only depend on the gods you kill, actually that is just the strawberry on top of the chocolate. The most is done by achievments. And no I do not talk about the Steam achievments. Maybe you noticed the red-black badge on the top right of the screen? If you click on that you will see all available achievments for that Section. Achievments exist for Creation, Skills, Physical and Battle. Each requires you do build/kill/train a specific thing so and so often. Having trained Double Punch 10000 times for example will boost your multiplier when rebirthing by a bit. So each achievment is the key to get them to be green.

Creations like light or stone don't actually do anything for you yet, though you do get creation achievment which will boost your creation multiplier. So make sure you create some light/stone/... aswell before rebirthing. In general you should aim for all achievments that you can easily obtain before rebirthing. Even if everything is x1000 now, if it would take you 5 minutes to get one more achievment, you might want to consider getting it.

And no Achievments don't stick around during rebirths. You lose everything but God Power (I'll explain that in another section)

Your multiplier, your clone cap, your pets and your Special Draws or everything you obtained by them.