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As requested and since I just happened to find some time to continue writing, I'm going to talk about monuments.

So what are monuments and how do you get it?

Well monuments are so called buildings which you can find under the, you've guessed it, build tab. You will unlock monuments after defeating Diana, which is quite a long way since you probably just defeated Hyperion when reading this, but don't worry as many have before you, you will be able to do this without any issues!

There are multiple types of monuments, all of which increase different things or atleast the same things in different amounts, the monuments go the following:

Mighty statue (physical]

Mystic garden (mystic)

Tomb of gods (battle)

Everlasting lightouse (creation)

Godly Statue (all four stats)

Pyramids of power (all four stats)

Tempel of god (all four stats)

But how exactly do they increase things? Well if you hover over the specific monument it will tell you something like this:

The first thing it will tell you is the description, some cool lore stuff.

The next thing is the requirements to build one of these monuments

Afterwards it tells you the time it would take to build that monument with exactly 1000 clones. So if you let's say need 1 hour and 40 minutes to build a godly statue with 1000 clones, it would take 10 minutes to build it with 10000 clones, or 1 minute with 100000 clones.

So a lot of clones are important for that, this is why monuments will become more and more important as you advance in the game, though early on you won't really be able to do a lot with them.

At last it will tell you some weird calculation looking like this in it's vanilla form: stat multi (now)*1+x*Count. x is dependent on the tier of the monument aswell as the amount of upgrades you have done for that monument (I'll come to that later don't worry).

The Count stat is simply the amount of monuments you have build for that type.

So what does this formular apply to? Well you probably recall your (now) multi from the rebirth tab. To make things easy we take the battle multi to be 10. Our example guy has 1 upgrade for the Tomb of gods and exactly 3 Tomb of gods build. So let's switch the variable with the parameters and voilà we get this: 10*(1+450*3) which makes a beautiful 13510. Wow, your battle mutli for this rebirth just got increased by 135100%. That's impressive. Which literally means your battle stat increases by 135100% aswell.

If you didn't understand why i chose these numbers for the formular just reread the paragraphe.

"But wait, you say, I don't have these upgrade things". Well exactly, upgrades will be unlocked once you defeat freya. So this is just for all those people that want to know how upgrades work.


Upgrades are horrendousely expensive buildings that will increase both the x from our formular and the rebirth multiplier you will have. that varies from 0.25 (50% more mutli) to 5 (500% more multi). How much is it? Well the formular goes like this: c/4 where c is sadly not the speed of light but rather the amount of upgrades you have. This means it will cap at 20 upgrades. Every further upgrade will still increase the now multiplier, though it wont increase the rebirth multiplier.

Bear in mind the price to build a monument or an upgrade goes up the more you build. This will vastly diminish your divinity, in order to get more you can either wait a long time or you do some special fights, simply fight the gods in that tab it will give you a decent amount of divinity for now.

I think that should be it on monuments, if i forgot to cover anything, let me know in the comments.