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Speedrun Guide

Speedrun Guide

After a long time of no updates for this guide, I finally found the time to write a Speedrun guide.

First of all, what are the goals of Speedruns?

Speedruns are runs that you do in about an hour to 90 minutes, to get the God Power needed for upgrades which is the most important thing in this game.

You say "an hour to 90 minutes?? In that time I won't make it in the 6x green"

You're probably right, but no worries that are normal at first.

So when should you start speedrunning?

According to something, a high-end player, you should start speedrunning once you hit the 775% bs

245% cs

3 cc

Baal defeated

you have enough stat multi for the god you will aim for (that will be the case in 99% of all you guys)

and time.

So this will take you some time which will take you some time, just go with the basic procedure.

Once you hit the required amounts (they are just guidelines, more is better, less is worse but not too bad)

You should rebirth and play 1 hour completely active until you hit a specific god, if you are like 15 minutes close to hit one more, go for that one. Your rebirths might be slower than usual, it's fine, just go for the easy achievements (+10 minutes should be max) and monuments/upgrades. Repeat that until you stabilize at a specific god, which will happen sooner or later around Jupiter or slightly below him I guess. 60-90 minutes should be the max amount you should aim for. Then you can try various builds for your monuments so that you don't really lose or gain any rebirth multis. Remember these under "stop at" and type the numbers in, this way you can just always build them, rush the god, and go back. Don't worry if you just defeated Baal and now you need to speed run Jupiter or Susano O. This is no problem at all, just make sure you never rebirth under 60 minutes since you get a penalty for your multis in that case.

It might take you a few runs, and maybe you need to do a few recoveries runs as well (just normal runs to boost your stats. That way you should be able to start speedrunning with no issue, but keep in mind speedrunning requires activity.

Additional tips and hints

If the god you hit in 1 hour is Baal, lower the time for speedrunning to 45 or fewer minutes. Keep in mind this will require a recovery run after every speed run.

Bank some God Power in the battle/mystic stat. 10% of your, since you started speedrunning, gained Gp should be fine

It might be weird at first but you will get used to speedrunning sooner or soonish, just ask in the chat if you don't know how to proceed further or if you don't feel comfortable with your current way.

This Link[www.r2games.com] contains additional Information and recommended builds for speedrunning.

this will be expanded.

Thanks again for all the visitors if you have questions, corrections, requests, recommendations, other tips, or just things to say in general feel free to add them.